HammerWorld magazine 2015/5


Gábor Dancs has sent us the debut album of his band, which is located in

the far city of Helsinki. The guitarplayer is surrounded with all finnish

musicians from Drive, the band which released two albums and its ruins

were the base of Resolution 13. Their music is melodic - based on lowtuned,

simple but brutal riffs. The industrial elements come to surface here and

there, but this record is lot more, than from the beginning to end monotonicly

pounding CD.


The band says, their music is often compared to Fear Factory, Devin Townsend

or even Rammstein. Since i don´t know previously released music of R13, in

my opinion there is not much similarity to the german band to find here. In fact

the finnish influence represents a much more melodic style.

The singer`s, Nico "Hardtone" Hartonen`s voice is actually reminds me of the tone

of Burton C Bell. This guy can really handle his voice, he`s got absolute no

problem squeezing out melodies either in moderate, or screaming vocal work.

I like in his vocals, that he is absolutely clear with his limits and won´t be

afraid to use everything he has. Nico combines the singing styles in a great

way, with some of his moderate vocals, he could apply to the post of lead singer

in Faith No More! With his skills in singing comes an american accent, the way

he handles his english I would think he is from overseas.

But i could do the same to the band too. In terms of it`s style and professionalism

it can be put right next to any american modern metal bands records. Even though

Colossal was forged from own power without any outside help, it can`t be heard

at all in terms of it`s quality.


With the intro called "The Arrival" the disc contains 12 tracks and I won´t overdraw

when I say that none of them is similar to the other. They are very different in

their world of melodies and mood. My personal favorite tunes would be the kinda

hit sounding and a bit more airy in its music - "Rainy Days"; the also packed with

catchy melodies "Iron Sleep" and "Hellboy", which offers an "electronic" base and

features a Deathstars-like vocal work that turnes into a big span of melodies.

Of course, the energetic "Colossal" is geat too, which was actually released as

a single a few weeks ago. I say its definitely worth to search and give it a try!

I´ve got only one constructive criticism to write here about the record. If I were

to them, i wouldn´t mind lifting Juha Terrilä`s keybord work more front in the mix.

He brings his awesome modern themes and electronic jingles, for that matter I think

they should be a heard a bit louder. Although that`s a fact, that these demandingly

composed songs would stand out even without it.


I am happy, that the son of our little country found his passion in this finnish

band and I hope that he will experience success in it! Based on the album "Colossal",

he`s got every chances.


Z.O. 9(/10)