16.12.2016 Helsinki: Bar Bäkkäri – JUDGEMENT NIGHT: Metal - Hip Hop - Punk Bash Vol.1



2017 will start with good news: R13 will be on tour with Beneath My Feet in January!

Here are the booked dates:

18Jan - Tallinn / Red Emperor

19Jan - Tartu / Rock'n'Roll

20Jan - Daugavpils / Artillerijas Pagrabi

21Jan - Kaunas / Lemmy

23Jan - Warzaw // TBA

25Jan - Riga / Depo

27Jan - Helsinki / Semifinal

We will add more shows, as possible venues confirm bookings.

R13 hopes to see all our old and new friends in the baltics as well as in Finland, so make sure that you don't miss the show in your town!

Keep an eye out for the dedicated Facebook events!