We are "Resolution 13", a metal band from Finland, based in Helsinki.



"R13"s got started in 2010 as a project of Marko "Dallas 13"

Lehtinen and Nico "Hardtone" Hartonen. The band is forged of experienced musicians from /on finnish grounds/

well known and respected bands and projects, like Drive, Godsplague, The Black League, Grendel and Dimebag Beyond Forever.


The crew has recorded in 2011 its first promo material, which includes 4 songs. Motivated by the first reviews, the crew quickly made a plan of recording a full length album, which was recently (30.3.2015)released.


 The record is called "Colossal", as it sounds huge thanks to a well known finnish musician and sound engineer - Mikko Herranen, who dedicated over a month for mixing the finally released 12 carefully selected piece. The albums concept is fictional situation, in which the listeners find themselfs along with the band crew being held on a prison planet, called "Resolution 13".


The band is unsigned and financed itself all recordings, releasing and some promotional worksof the record.

Reolution 13s music and sound is hard, down tuned guitar riffs, ultra low bass frequencies, supersonic synths, a war battalion like drumming and vocals from hard growling, note screaming to clean pure vocal work.


What this band offers is to be a hard smashing live band -

an overdose of both hard-heavy and beautiful harmonies in

industrial-like music with our professional light technician

to have the possible biggest inpact on the audience when

these five dedicated metalheads hit the stage!




Resolution 13 cell block is:

Dallas 13 (Marko Lehtinen) - Drums

Hardtone (Nico Hartonen) - Vocals

Gabor (Gábor Dancs) - guitars

Tony B. (Toni Buckman) - guitars

I.T. (Ilkka Tanska) - bass



- Resolution 13 debut album "COLOSSAL" was released 31.03.2015

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